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Posted on Feb 1, 2012

February 2012 News

February 2012 News

Learning Leaders HoustonLearning Leaders Explore Biblical Discipleship ◊

SCSBC Learning Leaders met together on November 22, 2011, to explore the theme of educating toward wisdom. Thanks to Wendall Ewald of Houston Christian School (HCS)  for this reflection:

My dad, former principal of BVCS for more than 25 years, used to talk passionately about Christian education and the soul-searching and sacrificing that went into incorporating a biblical world view into every subject. Sitting in on this workshop was a flashback to the discussions with my dad. Once again we wrestle with holding on to and strengthening this vision at HCS as a staff, board, education committee and parent community. The discussion is exciting, especially since as a staff we grapple with this every day. At the meeting, SCSBC directors Bill DeJager and Joanne DenBoer introduced the concepts of elements of discipleship and biblical through-lines, threads of biblically-based concepts that should weave through all of our courses and communications both verbal and written as a way of reflecting our Christianity in every square inch of our lives.

Science ScholarshipSCSBC Teacher Awarded CSI Scholarship ◊

This past fall, Christian Schools International provided a scholarship opportunity for CSI science teachers to attend the National Science Teachers Association National Conference held in Indianapolis, IN on March 29-April 1, 2012. One of the ten recipients of the scholarship is Duncan Christian School’s science teacher, Gail Colk

Project-based LearningProject-Based Learning ◊

Teams of learning leaders and teachers from our schools and further afield, sixty people in all, took the opportunity on January 16-17, 2012, to hear Steven Levy’s presentation about developing effective learners through effective, rigorous and engaging projects.

EcologyHow Does God Want Us to Cultivate the Earth? ◊

Grade 7 students at Abbotsford Christian Middle School were given an ecology simulation on their expedition to Newcastle Island in September. Teams of students were assigned to work as ecologists for the City of Nanaimo, Intrawest, InSight Development or Greenpeace and to explore the possible ecological impact the companies proposed “development project” would have on the island. Students had to assess the impact, and make a recommendation back to their respective companies in regards to their findings. As fellow students listened, they were to consider the recommendations from various perspectives – as Nanaimo City Council, land developers, First Nations residents or as flora and fauna found on the island.

Volleyball Provincial Championships ◊

Girls A Volleyball

  • 4 Richmond Christian School
  • 5 Houston Christian School
  • 6 White Rock Christian Academy
  • 7 Duncan Christian School
  • 14 Cedars Christian School

Girls AA Volleyball

  • 5 Surrey Christian School
  • 13 Abbotsford Christian School

Boys A Volleyball

  • 2 Bulkley Valley Christian School
  • 4 Cedars Christian School
  • 5 Centennial Christian School
  • 7 Duncan Christian School
  • 8 Richmond Christian School
  • 9 Vernon Christian School
  • 11 Carver Christian High School

Boys AA Volleyball

  • 3 Langley Christian Secondary
  • 5 Abbotsford Christian School
  • 12 Pacific Christian

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