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Posted on Sep 3, 2013

September 2013 Resources in Review

September 2013 Resources in Review

Cultivating and Keeping Committed Special Education Teachers


by Bonnie S. Billingsley 

Drawing on field experiences and research findings, Billingsley provides a comprehensive framework for principals to support special educators. Numerous assessments, tools and resources are included to help leaders, mentors and teachers improve the conditions of special education teaching. This book also highlights the problems that drive many special educators out of teaching, and outlines practical recommendations that leaders can use to increase retention.

What Every Special Educator Must Know

what every special educator

by the Ethics, Standards and Guidelines by the Council for Exceptional Children

This is the sixth edition of this helpful and easy-to-use guide and contains the latest CEC performance-based standards for all beginning special educators. It covers the CEC Code of Ethics, The Professional Practice Standards, and Mentoring Standards. Additionally, standards relevant for administrators, educational diagnosticians, transition specialists, and paraeducators are included.

Survival Guide for the First-Year Special Education Teacher

survival guide

by Mary Kemper Cohen, Maureen Gale and Joyce M. Meyer

The perfect resource for all teachers – special educators, classroom teachers and paraeducators – working in traditional or inclusive school settings. This book includes easy-to-use suggestions for organizing classrooms, planning and record keeping, getting lessons ready for substitute teachers, working with parents, administrators, and fellow teachers, building collaborative partnerships and dealing with stressful situations.

Who Owns the Learning


by Alan November

Explore what the contemporary learner can look like in action in any school setting. This book provides ideas and techniques to help students own and direct their learning. Real-life examples illustrate how technology is revolutionizing instruction and learning. Useful QR codes throughout the text take readers directly to important websites that supplement topics discussed in the book. Discussion questions are at the end of each chapter.

Relationship Leadership A Biblical Model for Influence and Service


by Walter C. Wright

Leadership is not an assigned role, but a way of living that suffuses everything we do and are. The goal of this book is to empower others to contribute to achieving the missions of the organizations with which they are involved. Wright not only presents an ideal, but offers practical suggestions for handling such thorny issues as the management of volunteers and performance reviews. It will stimulate your thinking about leadership and management, both causing you to ask questions and find answers. Ultimately, this will enable you to invest yourself in the people for whose success you are responsible.

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