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Posted on Nov 15, 2013

Decisions That Make a Difference

Decisions That Make a Difference

Leadership Conference Plenary 2013

Your school is what it is because of what was decided in the past.

Within your accumulation of decisions about learning, governance, policy, facilities, finances and development during the past decade or two, a certain few critical decisions (or the lack of them) probably have made the significant difference in the life and vigor of your school today.

Perhaps it was the insistence of curricular integration to reflect more thorough Christian learning.
Or the purchase of property for future growth in spite of its seemingly unbelievable cost! Or perhaps the implementation of an annual drive that has now embedded itself in your school’s culture of giving. Those historic decisions are now part of your school’s story, choices that continue to be retold and celebrated, becoming the inspiration and encouragement to those who need to make the next critical decisions.

But past indecisions also have contributed to your school’s story. Those regrets still linger and are retold with deep sighs.

Your school will become what you decide now. Your critical decisions today hopefully will secure a place in the public arena for Christian education for the next generation.


We encourage Christian school boards to set aside time at a future board meeting to watch the video and discuss those critical decisions that need to be made now to ensure that a flourishing Christian school will still be in your community in a generation.

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